Welcoming a new Homewood Neighbor

Nov 21, 2017 | Blog

[A Ribbon Cutting Event - yes, those are my flamingo shoes]

Guest Blogger: Stylist, Christina Castorini

The Chamber of Commerce, we’ve all heard of it, but what is it really?  It’s an organization that was created to support businesses and bring them together.  Last Friday, November 17, they achieved just that.

I had the privilege of representing Forecast at the blessing and ribbon-cutting event for the new St. Vincent’s Urgent Care Center that opened last month in Homewood.  My dear friend, and marketing guru, Thyme Council, attended the shindig with me; she makes every event a party!  Emily of the St. Vincent’s crew (also a Forecast client) kicked things off with a warm welcome, followed by words from a couple other members of the staff. Then came the blessing and prayer by Father Paul Asih.  Since St. Vincent’s is a Catholic Institution, we were sprinkled with holy water which was a first for me!

It was then time to cut the ribbon!  Someone handed me a pair of shears and I was sure glad that I had decided to wear my Forecast t-shirt that day!  After pictures and the ribbon cutting, we made the rounds.  We met members of the St. Vincent’s staff, other Chamber members and a few employees from the Homewood Chamber of Commerce.  We invited everyone to come see us at Forecast and then we ate with everyone.  It was a great day!

Hopefully you won’t need to but if in need, try out St. Vincent’s Urgent Care.  It’s located at 1944 28th Ave. S in Homewood and open until 9pm during the week and 9-6 on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are an employee of a Chamber member location, remember, you receive a 20% off discount off of your first appointment here at the salon.

I invite you to follow Forecast on Facebook, Instagram and my personal Instagram.  Hope to see you either at a Chamber event or the salon very soon!

Cheerio! – Christina