Transformation in YOU and our City

Jan 24, 2018 | Blog

[Transformations in Architecture]

We are all familiar with the feeling of visiting the salon and either refreshing our existing look or embarking on a complete transformation.  Whatever your choice, it makes a difference in all of us.  I’d like to show you a great architectural project happening here in Birmingham that will make such a difference in our city!

I’m not sure who’s spearheading the project but I’m a big fan.  Just check out their Instagram @themeyerproject or follow this direct link:  This historic home on Altamont Road is called The Meyer House and broke ground in 1911.  The renovation and restoration project will undoubtedly be a labor of love and quite expensive but just imagine what is to be!  And by following their Instagram you can see the project unfold.  Here’s a photo of the pool house – reportedly the first private pool in Birmingham, AL.

Architecture is such an important aspect to the overall landscape of any city.  It gives us a glimpse into the character and a way to document the past.  Birmingham will forever remember the majestic Birmingham Terminal Station finished in 1909.  It was beautiful but at the time, the exotic design caused much controversy.  The loss of this structure has made many in Birmingham fight to preserve some of our most treasured buildings.  Here’s a few photos of the train station.  Even though I never saw it (it was demolished in 1969) I miss it…

Downtown Birmingham and the surrounding area is still in such an important state of revitalization and transformation.  So many buildings that were eerily vacant for many years are now thriving and there’s so much more to look forward to.

Here’s to self transformations, architectural transformations and preserving the past!

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