Sidewalk Film Festival Forecast Recap

Sep 22, 2018 | Blog

[Happy 20th Birthday to Sidewalk Film Festival]

Sidewalk Film Festival was held August 22nd-26th here in the Magic City! Sidewalk also just celebrated its 20th anniversary and has repetitive global recognition, ranking in the top 10 festivals in the world by MovieMaker magazine. Here is our adventure of Sidewalk through the eyes of the Forecast Team.


Wednesday Night August 22nd: Shout LGBTQ Film Opening Night Featuring Studio 54 the Documentary

Studio 54 was the place to be in New York City during the 70’s disco craze. What was originally an opera house in the 1920’s had morphed into a raging night club decades later that would define the world’s impression on disco.

It cost Studio 54 around $50,000 to produce the over-the-top performances each night. This film, directed by Matt Tyrnauer, entailed how each character used Studio 54 to truly find and become themselves. If you didn’t see it at Sidewalk, be sure to check your listings to see when it’s streaming. This was an amazing documentary!



Thursday Night August 23rd: Film Maker Welcoming Reception at Kress Building Rooftop


Friday Night August 24th: Sidewalk Film Festival Opening Night Film featuring White Tide: The Legend of Culebra

White Tide: The Legend of Culebra was directed by a Sidewalk Film Festival Alum, Theo Love, and tells the tale of a family-oriented man that goes out on a wild hunt for $2 Million worth of cocaine on a Caribbean Island, in order to be able to pay off his personal debt. The producer of this film, Bryan Storkel, and two other Sidewalk Alums joined Theo Love for an appearance at the showing this year!

After the film, everyone crowded the Alabama Theatre’s lobby for some fun and mingling that even featured a magician for the night. Then Forecaster Brittany stopped by Collins bar to grab a tiki drink! What’s a better way to end an opening film night?


Saturday August 25th: 

Saturday began with a stroll from 1st and 23rd Street in downtown Birmingham to the theatre district on 3rd Ave North. On the way, Forecaster Brittany stopped by Atomic for a Paloma drink, and went to a VIP flash mob by FORMA at FORMA Arts and Wellness.The space is awesome because you can participate in or host different classes from their studios daily. After an astounding performance, she was on her way to go watch the film, Hot Summer Nights, directed by Elijah Bynum. This action film entails the story about a teenage drug dealer that gets in over his head, sending his life spiraling out of control. This features the now-trending male actor,Timothy Chalamet, who has also been featured in other award-winning films such as Lady Bird. As the final film of the evening to view was Holiday, directed by Isabella Ekolf, Brittany waited in the Lobby to reclaim a seat since both films were screened in the Historic Alabama Theatre. Brittany then ended the night at Collins bar.


Sunday August 26th: 

The final day of the film festival began with a cereal bar for VIP ticket holders. It was followed by a later brunch at Roots and Revelry just around the block from the festival on 2nd Ave North. The first film of the morning was IcePick to The Moon, directed by Skizz Cyzyk, which was being shown at the Birmingham Museum of Art. This film takes place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, featuring an art collective from the 70’s. Following came the film United Skates, directed by Tina Brown and Diana Wrinkler, which is a documentary about multiple styles of skating as well as the African American roller-skating community. Of course being a VIP pass holder has its perks like getting a lunch catered by Hattie B’s Hot Chicken! Bringing home the afternoon were two very contrasting films: Madeline’s Madeline and the A Maine Movie. Madeline’s Madeline is a film directed by Josephine Decker that focuses solely on experience of the viewers, the art of film, and self-delusion, whereas A Maine Movie, an indie comedy directed by Matt Nelson, takes viewers on an adventure of a group of friends who meet up for a reunion gone wrong during a weekend on the coast. In this film the cast features multiple New York improv actors. The night ended with a classic burger and fries from Paramount bar on 20th Street North.


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