ReTouch.Me by Kevin Murphy is a Lifesaver

Jan 18, 2018 | Blog

[FINALLY! An Answer!]

Those of us that have grey roots or any roots for that matter will be jumping for joy after this blog post!  So put on your jumping shoes and get ready for this revolutionary announcement!

Kevin.Murphy, our product line of choice here at Forecast, has just released an incredible new product called ReTouch.Me – a root touch up spray has just been released this month and we can’t keep it on the shelf!  The expense of coloring your hair every 3 weeks can get pricey and tough to fit into your schedule so now, Kevin.Murphy has created a solution.  For $29, this satin finish spray goes on dry with even coverage.

Unlike other products of its kind, Retouch.Me will not stain pillows or clothing.  Once dry the spray is set and will not release until you wash your hair.  There are four shades to choose from – Black, Dark Brown, Auburn (I’m excited about this one because I’m a redhead and need this spray 3 weeks after my color!) and Light Brown.

Speaking to his inspiration behind the product, stylist and brand founder, Kevin Murphy, said, “In today’s world, we live busy lives – professionally and personally – and we must be ready at a moment’s notice to ‘put our best foot forward’. A few quick spritzes of this root touch-up spray send micro-fine, light reflecting pigments to any new growth. These will attach to your hair fibres for a covert and fast solution to conceal regrowth at the roots.”

Retouch.Me can be purchased at Forecast anytime but call first if you can and we will hold your desired color – they are going that fast! 205-506-0500

Managing Director – Christie J. White

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