Are perms still a thing?

Mar 28, 2018 | Blog

[Curls galore!]

In an age when smoothing and keratin treatments are all the rage, one thinks, are perms still really a thing?

Matter of fact, they are.  2017 was a turning point for the perm, salons all over the country were training their staffs since lots of them haven’t done a perm since their State Board exam!  With the rise of hair, literally, perms might be seeing a major comeback.

Since early 2017 hairstyles have become bigger and fuller.  One misconception of perms is that they create this kinky curly one look type of style….not the case.  A perm can also give you body, especially for those that have none, it might be the best solution for you!  You can also look at perms as a solution for your “I just want to get up and go” attitude.  If the cut is right, you might just be able to wear a great style like the redhead below!

If you’re interested in more body then book a consultation with our stylist Christina, she’s a pro at perms and loves what it can do to certain types of hair.  There’s a chance it might not be for you but you never know unless you try!

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