Balayage – the service you can’t pronouce

Feb 2, 2018 | Blog

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room shall we? So, it’s time to make your appointment and you’d like to try this highlight service that everyone is talking about on Instagram but you have no idea how to pronounce it.  You call the salon and proceed to butcher the pronunciation until the person on the other end of the phone says it for you – PHEW! – until next time….

Balayage is taken from the French term “balayer” meaning “sweep” or “sweeping”.  In the hair industry Balayage is a highlight technique where the stylist applies the enlightener freestyle without foils, therefore giving an organic placement of highlights for a natural sun kissed look.  Our stylists Tristan Cone and Diana Bostick attended a recent Balayage class in Nashville to learn new techniques as the demand is super high due to the low maintenance to keep this look fresh.

Highlights have come a long way – remember or ever heard of cap highlights?  Well, it was pure torture.  The stylist would squeeze this extremely tight thick plastic cap onto your head and proceed to stick a hook into small holes, pull your hair through and then apply the color.  It was a painful process and usually resulted in some hair loss!  Thankfully, stylists began using foils which are now a staple at every hair salon.  Balayage is an evolution in color, giving the stylist the ability or create what they want to see and to use the technique within other services such as a Balayage Ombrè.

Here’s a few photos of recent clients that have received Balayage highlights – photos and color by our stylist Ashley Bush.

Ask your stylist about Balayage the next time you’re in the salon and they can talk to you about all the possibilities!

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