Forecast is the brainchild of two of Birminghamโ€™s most successful hair stylists, Mark Hyde and Brittany McNaughton. The two became close friends, and in 2015 they carefully began to piece together a vision that was unlike anything else in the Magic City.

They wished to create a modern, but comfortable, environment for their guests and a sanctuary for their staff–a place that everyone can call home. What they envisioned was a different kind of experience altogether.

As trendsetters, we forecast what is coming next, so education is an important role in the continuing success of our salon. At Forecast, education is offered complimentary to our family of stylists. This is another benefit for our guests, as both our talents and hair design is constantly changing and evolving.

Our story is simple but exceptional, and we want you to be a part of the journey. Forecast will always strive to stay ahead of what is expected in order to give you the best. We are not just a hair salon, we seek to shape a movement.